Casinos are known for their opulence and glamour, and they often have deep pockets when it comes to sponsorships. Many casinos around the world act as sponsors for residential complexes and businesses, offering financial support for various projects. In this article, we'll explore the relationship between casinos and sponsorships and examine the benefits and criticisms of this practice. Casinos have a vested interest in promoting their brand and creating a positive image in the community. One way they do this is by sponsoring various residential complexes and businesses. In return for their financial support, the casino's brand is prominently displayed, and they gain exposure to potential customers. Additionally, sponsoring a residential complex or business can create goodwill in the community and help to establish the casino as a responsible corporate citizen. For residential complexes and businesses, casinos as sponsors can offer numerous benefits. Financial support from a casino can help to fund various projects, such as community events, building renovations, and marketing campaigns. This can lead to increased foot traffic, higher sales, and a more positive public image.

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The residential complex in Sibiu„BELVEDERE RESIDENCE SIBIU” is a new real estate project that complements the high demand for new apartments in residential complexes in Sibiu, developed from own resources by the real estate developer from Sibiu BSD Construction SRL, where 2 land with a total area of 15000sqm was purchased, on Str. OGORULUI (Extension) in the TURNIŞOR neighborhood, where 6 villas of type GF + 3E totaling 109 apartments were completed, respectively a number of 4 blocks of GF + 3E + R type totaling will be built 120 studios, 2 or 3 bedroom apartments and commercial spaces.

We intend to set up a public park with playgrounds on a land owned by the town hall, in the immediate proximity of the Residential Assembly in Sibiu, Str. Fields.

Access to the Belvedere Sibiu Residential Complex is made from Alba Iulia Road (Turnișor area) - Str. Ogorului, variant 2: Alba Iulia Road - Turnișorului Road - Str. Frunzei - Str. Fields. The access from the central area of Sibiu can be done withTursib bus no. 19,the station is next to the Frunzei street.


Finished apartments, furnished parking spaces, supermarket and shops, playgrounds and green spaces, schools and kindergartens in the area, Tursib transport


Guarantee certificate for apartments up to 10 years old, modern and quality finishes of choice, spacious, bright and easy-to-maintain apartments.


For each apartment is allocated an underground parking. Parking will be paid separately from the price of the apartment.